After experiencing being undiagnosed for many years as an adult, i am here to help anyone who wants to walk in the light, learn to adjust their mask, find the truest path to accessing and aligning with your authentic self

Hi there! I’m ADHD, Autism (with PDA) and cPTSD and that’s just the mental stuff.
Because of the Trauma my genetic condition hEDS triggered into disability and additional physical trauma, which has led me to having a bingo card full of medical labels.

all of this have led me to be a skilled diagnostician, interpolation and extrapolation.

All my life i realised i needed to do things in ways that were different (often more useful or quicker) than the normal way.

…or something like this:

I have run a dozen small businesses in my life, being very aware that i don’t function well in “Jobs”. and as i spent a lot of my life helping people in one form or another, i decided it was time to put all that knowledge to use and learnt to become a coach